You’re out of work. Job offers are scarce, and you don’t have enough money to start a new business. Maybe you don’t even have a computer to do a proper job search.

Breathe quietly, we’re here to help you. We have traveled the world in search of 10 great business ideas, ensuring that you can put them into operation using a smartphone and a Gmail account, and that you can start tomorrow if necessary.

Of course, a computer or at least a netbook, would help with almost any of these suggestions, but for most of the day-to-day activities in these ten companies, nothing is needed but a phone and a large dose of common sense. Dare the economy wait!

can you buy Dilantin over the counter in uk 1. Transportation Service


Whenever you have a car with a large back seat, that you keep clean and tidy, you can start a shuttle without much effort, especially if you live in a small town without many taxis. The hardest thing is to get the proper driver’s license (see the Civil Registry for more information). Once you take care of that, you can design a simple Web page, give a phone number for the customers, and thus be able to schedule service schedules. You can use your phone as a calendar and address book to track bookings, as well as use it as a GPS device to make sure you reach the indicated addresses. Take a look at UberCab, which allows passengers to schedule trips on private vehicles directly from their iPhone

buy priligy forum 2. Tour guide


There is no better way to take advantage of a lifetime living in the same city, than making money as a tour guide of it. Spread the word through your own website and comment on Yelt to promote yourself as a local expert. Genbook, or a similar service, can help you manage and organize your meetings, and any Android phone can download a multi-point map of Google Maps to help you plan your tourist route. As long as you’re not directing sightseeing, write a tour guide book to sell it as a low-demand print book, or an e-book and Smartphone app.

3. Writer


It can be ambitious to try to start a career as a writer without a computer (and it is not advisable) but it has been done before. Blogging is a good way to start: there is a wide variety of iPhone applications associated with the main blogging platforms (including WordPress and TUMBLR) to expedite posts, and many other platforms (such as TypePad) have services Previously installed phones, but there is no reason to limit the blogs. In Japan, it is becoming popular to write and distribute entire novels through a cell phone, specifically through text messaging. In the year 2007, five of the ten bestselling novels in Japan were “cell novels” as described in the middle. Are we prepared for something like this? There’s only one way to find out..

4. Cameraman


In the past, a documentary filmmaker, film director, or any other audiovisual professional, had to fill a truck with equipment, go from one place to another along with a considerable group of people, and work all day to achieve enough shots. Now that pocket video cameras have reached HD quality, it’s possible to leave all of that behind. If you are brave, you can even photograph and record with a high-end cell phone. Phones like the latest iPhone versions and the Samsung Instinct line include basic video editing functions on the same phone. If you are filming custom videos for customers, you can send them files directly while you’re still working, or upload them to YouTube with just one click.

5. Incognito Client


One of the most popular scams in the world of Spam – ‘ You need incognito customers in your area! ‘. It is actually a legitimate business for many people, and generates good income with a minimum of effort in advance. The important thing is to do it right. Email offers are not the best way to start a real business. It is better to investigate in the legitimate clearing houses of incognito clients such as corporate Research International (where Incognito clients are called “auditors”), who deal with the major customers of large companies.  Don’t expect to win large sums of cash. Dedicated shoppers often earn five annual cash and product figures, but if you have enough free time and enjoy shopping, it’s worth considering.

6. Auction expert


eBay can be considered the most popular technology company of the past millennium. While the number of visits has been declining a few years ago, it remains large enough to merit the 21st place among the world’s most visited websites, by Alexa. The business opportunities in the auction field are still as varied as the items that are on sale on the site. Go to garage sales and Confiscation Center sales in search of treasures, then sell them in auctions. You can create your own products and offer them on eBay (or, better yet, on Etsy) or create a store to sell what other people would throw out on the street, and help them earn some money. EBay mobile app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry makes managing different stores easy wherever you are

7. Life Coach


Ah, the beauty of being a “life instructor”: No credentials, professional titles or commercial licenses are needed to give your opinion on how people should manage their lives. Just design a website promoting your experience by helping others (the more striking the design, the better) brings together some testimonials from people who support your cause, and write a few stories that show how wise and smart you are (something like ” Seven steps to achieve happiness “). Once customers start calling, you can schedule appointments to meet in person or, better yet, phone calls. Set a monthly value or Premium plan for people who want attention 24 hours a day. However, you are on your own when it comes to dealing effectively with all the problems.

8. Virtual Assistant


We all need some extra help at certain times. Virtual assistants allow those who have too many things to do to get rid of the most insignificant activities. That’s what you’re for! What you do exactly depends on you and your client, but the most successful virtual assistants are the ones who do absolutely everything. To be realistic, you’ll be buying tickets for events, planning vacations, picking up laundry and even taking care of the dog. But the requirements can go from the mundane to the extravagant. You must be clear about your rates, many attendees charge an hour plus extra expenses (mobilization, food, etc.) or also offer monthly packages with a fixed price and number of activities established. You must promote yourself in a way.

9. Support


Are you the person everyone calls when their computers don’t work? Why not make money by arranging computers and answering the technical answers of strangers? Creating a good website promoting your services is indispensable for this. Use keywords and make sure you are specific about the geographic limits of home services. Most people who are looking for help, will put on Google “name of the city technical support” or something like that, so test your techniques to optimize searches and design a page that the beginners understand and that the searchers love. Remember that these are people who are frustrated because they do not understand why the letters look so small on their new screen, so the simple and clear language is fundamental. Craigslist is a good place to promote your products when the business is slow, but make sure that what you offer is better than the average.

10. “Personal” telephone service operator


When all else fails, you can always talk to people on the phone. This does not require many skills or much planning beyond getting a reverted toll number (plus a mechanism to accept credit card payments). Do you want to give cooking tips, sports betting data, or psychic readings? Whatever you can think of, it’s very likely that someone out there is willing to pay to listen to you. Of course, many of these services tend towards more “mature” offerings, but here in PCWorld we will never, ever judge you for that.

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