order clomid online uk The skills acquired in commercial and sales positions are essential when launching a business. In addition, creators with a previous work experience are more attractive to investors.

“Before launching, an entrepreneur should have worked from commercial to cold door, babysitting for children and care and phone support “. Javier Megias, founder of StartupXplore, uses this saying to explain the importance of accumulating work experience before entering the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is true that some have created their company just out of college, but the reality is that having worked first for another company is a plus for any entrepreneur. What’s more, there are a number of jobs that form those professionals who have the dream of creating their business.

“In commercial positions you learn to sell; As a kangaroo you acquire the ability to empathize and to know how to guide the people where you want, something fundamental when it is necessary to reach an agreement with the partners; And in the customer service positions in a call center you get used to dealing with people of the most diverse, “says Megias, who adds that working for others offers a global view of the different models of work.

The consultancy sector is a good school, as it teaches to deal with diverse people

This is also appreciated by Bertrand Massaes, founder of the packaging company Little Buddha. After working for years at Danone as a marketing expert, he launched in 2006 this agency dedicated to build the image of different companies. “In Little Buddha we have been able to identify the needs of brands from day one. It has helped Me a lot the experience that I have acquired in other companies, since I have occupied positions of key account and responsible for marketing, I have managed launches with publicity and I have tackled issues of packaging and of the industrial field “, points out Massans.

He also explains the importance of being aware of the change involved in self-employment: “At first, I spent two years without charging. Setting up a company is a marathon in which you have to overcome contingencies every day, something that is easier if you have experience “.

The best jobs
As Iñaki Ortega, director of Deusto Business School, recalls, in Spain the most successful creators often have a previous work trajectory.

In this sense, these are the most advisable works for an entrepreneur:

Sales Manager. “The first thing to do when creating a company is to go find customers, so having worked in sales positions is fundamental “, says Massans. Conchita Galdón, director of Area 31 of IE, says that “in the beginning, the entrepreneur has to take care of all the negotiations. It is to him who will want to know the investors and the big firms “.
Financial. “Tasks such as pricing or investment search tend to overwhelm entrepreneurs. This is easier if the creators have ever gone through the finance area of a company “says Jordi Vinaixa, professor of the Department of General Management and strategy at Esade.
Technical. If you develop a new product, it is advisable that the entrepreneur has worked in technical positions. “For example, if the company is specialized in biological products, it would be good if the founder had experience in the biotechnology field. That would position you very well to register patents “, says Galdón.
Strategic consultant. The consultancy sector is a good school, since it operates in very diverse areas. In addition, the professional has the opportunity to see how an organization is integrated.
Support Roles. Having worked in areas such as marketing or human resources is also a good option, as it provides the future entrepreneur with a horizontal vision of the company.

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